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Web Tools

Web Tools - Collaboration

Use Search and Web Tools More Effectively.

Objectives to focus on:

Establish techniques to obtain help using the Web.

WII-FM  (What's In It - For Me)

Learning is on on-going process. As you near the completion of this course you'll learn some great techniques that will take you beyond the course; tools that will take you into the future.

Complete these Learning Activities.

Print your To-Do Checklist for this module.

As you complete the items below, check them off your list. This will help you keep track of what you are doing as well as give you a sense of completion as you work through the course.

Note: Each link below will open up in a new tab or web page. This allows you to easily return to this page for the next learning activity.

Career Resources -- Interested in a career working with computers? Here are some excellent resources to help you plan your path into this exciting career pathway.

Special thanks to Emily Sorenson for several of these links.

football player focused on catching a pass Get Focused. Read the staying-focused items #46-63 from the list.

Read the detailed descriptions and then select at least 2 of these and add them to final list.


  1. The Fountain of Youth (and Focus)
  2. Think of That Previous Life
  3. Keep It Simple
  4. Inviting Environment
  5. Calendar of Self-Generated Motivational Statements
  6. On a Tight Leash
  7. Tune Out
  8. Feed Your Soul
  9. It Only Takes Two Minutes
  10. A Vision Not Lived Remains Only a Dream
  11. Work in Bursts
  12. Top 6 Goals
  13. Clear the Clutter
  14. A Swift Kick in the Grass
  15. Create a Not-To-Do List
  16. Me Tarzan!
  17. What's So Hard About Easy? (Notice that this is exactly what we did to work through this list of 63 items!)
  18. Daily "To The Point" Meeting

Congratulations! Think back.... you should be much more focused than you were before you started this course (if you were actively including the items on your list into your life).

Compare how you effective/ineffective you were compared to how you are now!

Estimated Time: 30 minutes (If you stay focused...)

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Get Focused (page 8). Write down the two items you selected to help you get focused and write down how you plan to include these in your life.

Free Google Search coupon - From  Bramus! on Find Answers (Quickly!)
Find the information you need on the Web using these search tips.

Estimated Time: 15-30 minutes

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Web Tools: Search Tips (page 17). Write down three search tips from this article that you think would be helpful every time you do web searches.

Learn how to be discerning. (Don't let them zoom you!)
The folks at Google have put together a set of tips to help you decide if you are being scammed or not.

Test yourself. Can you match Google? In the Exercise section (at the bottom of the article) you can compare your results with Google's suggestions.

Estimated Time: 15-30 minutes

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Web Tools: Don't Be Fooled (page 17). Write down at least three rules you plan to use when reading information out on the Web to help you from getting fooled.

1:54 minutes

Watch this video explaining Plagarism and how to write without it.

Work through this short tutorial showing People Who Have Plagarized..

Avoid plagarism in your own work by reviewing the tab: Avoiding Plagarism.

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Get a copy of your DARS report. Verify and keep track of your scholastic record.

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Google Docs menu choices Use Google Documents to create and share documents out on the Web.

Tutorial: Using Google Documents - Learn how to create collaborative, Word-like documents online.

Estimated time:  1 hour

Google Docs menu choices showing Spreadsheet as a choice Use Google Spreadsheets to share Information with others out on the Web.

Tutorial: Using Google Spreadsheets - Learn how to create collaborative, Excel-like documents online.

Estimated time:  1 hour

Get involved. Read this one-page summary to get some ideas on how you can make your life richer and more meaningful.

Estimated time:  1 hour a week

Incorporate these tips from other online learners to help yourself be successful in all your courses.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Reflections (page 18-19). Look back on the course by reviewing the Learning Objectives. What things were the most valuable to you? Why? Do you feel better prepared for your on-line classes?