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Learning Style

What is the easiest way for you to learn?

Discover Your Learning Style

Objectives to focus on:

WII-FM  (What's In It - For Me)

One of the most popular questions for online learning is being able to navigate a course.

Moodle Logo This module has tutorials showing how to use Desire2Learn (D2L) as well as Moodle, two of the most popular online environments. (You will find that they were written just for students and are not hard to learn!)

D2L LogoYou will also get a view on the different ways you enjoy learning and why some learning experiences aren't as pleasant as others.

Knowing your own learning style pattern allows you to leverage how you learn. For example, if you are stronger as an auditory learner, you can read text into a recorder and listen to it while you drive instead of learning by just reading.

Complete these Learning Activities.

Print your To-Do Checklist for this module.

As you complete the items below, check them off your list. This will help you keep track of what you are doing as well as give you a sense of completion as you work through the course.

Note: Each link below will open up in a new tab or web page. This allows you to easily return to this page for the next learning activity.

Get the stuff you need

Estimated Time:  20 minutes

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Use the Site Organizer (page 2) to keep track of the sites, user IDs, and passwords you will be using for your courses. (Print out multiple copies as you access more sites and keep information secure.)

Read the poem: A Walk by Rainer Maria Rilke
Here is a text version of the poem A Walk

Visualize who you want to be by the end of this course.

Think of yourself, in the future, as actually having the attributes/skills that you want.

You may want to address these particular areas:

From the present, write a letter to yourself in the future. Recognize and acknowledge the skills that you have acquired. Compliment yourself on your accomplishments.

Seal your letter in the envelope address it to yourself. In the upper-right corner (where the stamp goes), write the date three months from now. Give it to someone your trust and ask them to mail it on that date. You will have a pleasant surprise when you receive this letter from yourself!

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Write a Letter to Yourself (page 3). Use your Journal to write down a rough draft of your letter.

Learning Activities for Everyone
- What is Your Learning Style?

four people in different boxes talking to each otherCognitive scientists study how our brains work. Using brain-scanning technology they have discovered how flexible our brains our and that we learn in different ways.

Some people learn easiest by listening, others learn better visually. Some people prefer to learn by doing. Some people are social learners and some like to learn new things on their own.

Keep in mind that motivation is the most important factor. If you want to learn, you will, no matter how it is presented.

Discover What Your Learning Styles Are. Complete the VARK - Learning Style Inventory. Start the survey by clicking here .

Complete all the questions and answer them as accurately as possible. If the question does not apply to you, simply skip it.

Estimated time:  15-30 minutes

Learning Styles Chart Learn how to leverage your learning style using this free eBook, Understanding Learning Styles from

As you read about your own style jot down notes to answer these two questions:

Estimated time:  30 minutes to 1 hour.

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Your Learning Styles (page 4). Write down three techniques to help your brain learn. What did you learn about your learning styles?

Write Effective Emails

Learn how to write effective emails using these five valuable tips .
Make a great first-impression with your emails. Get people to respond to your email requests.

laptop with life line coming out of it Journal Activity: Write Effective Emails (page 6). Practice writing effective emails that get the response you want.

BONUS! Listen to the videos from several University of Minnesota students and what they discovered about online learning.

Estimated Time:   15 minutes or less.

Learning Activities for D2L Users

D2L Logo 9:25 minutes HD
Learn D2L. View this video for a quick overview of D2L.
You'll also see how to add your photo to your courses.
(Turn on Closed Captioning for more learning power.)

Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Use this D2L tutorial from Minnesota State University - Mankato to learn the features of Desire2Learn.

Print out this D2L Cheat Sheet as a reference: D2L Cheat Sheet from D2L

Learning Activities for Moodle Users

Moodle Logo Watch these a videos showing all the key features of Moodle. The first several videos are available free of charge (the titles are underlined). The others require membership ($25/month for unlimited access).

screenshot from Moodle Training Video Here is a list of the free videos:

Be smart, work along with the videos using your own campus Moodle program.

Total Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes

Get more details about Moodle by working through this short 8-page Moodle tutorial from Morehead State University.

Estimated Time:  30 minutes

Moodle Student Smart Start Card (PDF) from Columbia College - Chicago

Here is a Guide in Spanish - Moodle com a Plataforma Educativa de Centre (The Moodle Educational Platform - in Spanish). The main focus is for instructors, but students will find lots of helpful information as well. This is a 54-page PDF Document.

Excellent! You've completed the first section.

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