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An Introduction to Online Learning

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For each of the five topics, you will complete a series of Learning Activities. Do the activities and you'll automatically learn the material (and be doing some interesting things at the same time).

four people in different boxes talking to each other Skill Set #1 - Learning Styles
- How to use either Desire2Learn (D2L) or Moodle
- Learn about Learning Styles: Everyone has one. Discover yours.

outline drawing of a file folderSkill Set #2 - Computer Skills
- Learn how to organize your files and folders.
- Discover some very cool short-cut keys.
- Learn how to find things on your computer.

clock face with second handSkill Set #3 - Time Management
- Make every second count towards getting things done.
- Fight procrastination.
- Discover how to train your mind.

football player focused on intercepting a passSkill Set #4 - Get Focused
- Get focused.
- Stay focused.
- Discover the truth about multi-tasking.

Skill Set #5 - Web Tools people around a conference table applauding
- Use Google Docs to create collaborative documents.
- Learn how to build and use spreadsheets.
- Discover lots of other helpful tools available for free, online.

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About Life-Online

Life-Online is a collaborative effort of several Minnesota colleges and universities (MnSCU) to help you fine-tune the skills you need to become a successful online learner.

Life-Online is designed to be taken as a self-paced, online course. The individual modules can also be used in conjunction with other classes, either as an on-line component or as part of a face-to-face class. For more details you can refer to the syllabus.

Course Objective

This course is designed to give you the skills you need to be successful as an online learner. The course focuses on five areas, giving you a strong start, and a successfully finish with any course you take.

Course Requirements

Life-Online was designed with the understanding that you: