JavaScript Rocks! Using Variables

Cover page for JavaScript Rocks! Using Variables tutorial.

I’ve just published a new programming tutorial as part of the JavaScript Rocks! series, Using Variables.

This interactive tutorial engages the student as they learn how to create and use variables in computer languages. It is designed for beginning web and programming programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Give examples of every day objects that are used like variables.
  • Create a variable using the keyword var.
  • Initialize a variable using the assignment “=” operator.
  • List at least three data types recognized by JavaScript.
  • Describe when to use the keyword var as well as when that is redundant.

A case study and code walk through is included giving the students a sense of how variables are used. The case study involves a basic form and a feedback page showing the user’s input.

View the interactive preview here.

It is available now at Teachers Pay Teachers