Using Path Statements

I’ve just finished a tutorial that will show you how to annotate your programs using PATH statements so you can specify where a file is relative to the file or program that is running. This information is essential for web pages (displaying graphic files stored in a graphic folder), as well as applications (looking to open databases and text files).

If you are working with files of any kind you’ll need to understand how to write a path statement.

What Are Your Classes Worth?

diceLogo.gifmonsterLogo.gifWhat Are Your Classes Worth? Jeremy Alford is graduating soon, and yesterday he made this suggestion, “Have your students go out to and do a job search with the skills they will be learning at South Central College to see how valuable these classes are.”

Later, I spoke with my brother who has just landed an excellent job with Verizon in the Twin Cities. He recommended both and and suggested that the students put their current resume on-line to help them find internship positions while they go to school. (Monster covers many different fields and Dice focuses just on technical careers.)

We have designed our Computer Career degrees so you can specialize in the areas you are interested in. Here’s some keywords you might want to use to see what jobs are available for each specialty:

Web Programming I
– Do a search for: XHTML CSS SEO Web Design

Networking Services
– Do a search for: A+ Networking Linux

Web Programmer Certificate
– Do a search for: ASP.NET PHP Java XHTML CSS JavaScript XML

Information Systems A.A.S. Degree COBOL Emphasis
– Do a search for: COBOL CICS DB2

Information Systems A.A.S. Degree Java .NET Emphasis
– Do a search for:

Information Systems A.A.S. Degree RPG Programmer Emphasis
– Do a search for:
iSeries RPG

Information Systems A.A.S. Degree Web Programmer Emphasis
– Do a search for: ASP.NET PHP Java XHTML CSS JavaScript XML SEO Web Design

Computer Assistant Certificate
– Do a search for: Access Excel A+ Linux XHTML CSS SEO Web Design

Knowing what opportunities are out there will make your course work much more interesting and worthwhile. As you can see from these searches, what you learn at South Central College will directly affect your employment opportunities.

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TechNow Summer Programming Camp

techNowLogo.jpgLast July, fifteen high school students participated in the first annual TechNow Programming Camp. For three days they learned how to program using a language called Alice– creating 3-D games and animated movies. Each day, during lunch, employees from the corporate sponsors, Wells Fargo Bank, James Tower, Inc., and Carlson Craft Business Solutions, joined the students and talked about career possibilities. The instructors during the summer camp were Peter Johnson, Tom Edwards from the Computer Careers department here at South Central College, North Mankato campus, and Jeff Seehafer, from GFW High School in Winthrop. The students represented several area high schools including Waseca, GFW, East, St. Clair, and Loyola.

The programming camp was a resounding success and there are plans to expand the camp so more students from different grade levels can participate. If you are interested in next year’s camp contact Peter Johnson Here’s more information about the TechNow initiative.

Here are some shots showing the students during the session and a view of the program named Alice.



The SCC Administration visits the Programming Camp (left to right: Larry Wall, Steve Sletcha, President Keith Stover, W.C. Sanders, Nancy Genelin. )


Rebecca Bohm from Wells Fargo Bank, Minneapolis and Alex Clemons a student at Waseca High School talk about his Alice program.


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