Designing Social Interfaces

Patterns for Improving the User Experience



Patterns. They are so useful because we design things to do similar tasks over and over. Like a login screen. This book is filled with best practices and patterns on how to create a great user interface.

I first heard about this book while listening to a podcast with Christian Crumlish, Erin Malone, and Jared Spool as they discussed UX (User Experience). They talked about use patterns and how these can be applied over and over for a better user experience as part of the User Interface Engineering podcast series.

Christian and Erin have written a very readable volume that is indispensable for anyone creating software, especially if it is a social-based web application.

Each pattern has colorful examples describing the what, when, how, why as well as accessibility issues to be aware of, related patterns, and a list of example web sites. There are lots and lots of excellent screen shots showing how the pattern is used out on the Web that flow in and out of the text just at the right times.

The authors also include several anti-patterns: things that don’t enhance the user’s experience. These are just as valuable as the useful patterns. As you read about each anti-pattern you’ll say “Yes, I find that so irritating when ‘they’ do that.”

Other experts have been invited to the party as well and each chapter is interspersed with short articles that go into greater depth.

This information could be SO dry, and it originally was, but Christian threw out the first two versions and wrote the finished book in a talkative, friendly, fun-to-read manner.

I’m enjoying the read and am already using this as a reference as I talk with people about their web sites and what they want to accomplish.