JavaScript – Using Variables

Learn about variables and how to convert from strings to numbers using JavaScript.

  • Discover the difference between declaring a variable and initializing it.
  • Uncover the different types of variables such as Strings and integers and floating numbers.
  • Meet NaN and find out what her name really means!
  • Learn how to convert a String to a number (so you can do calculations with it) as well as the "Octal Gotcha"
  • Unlock the mystery of the = = operator and how discover how computer scientists have "stolen" the equal sign and made it into another operator all together.
  • Meet some other smooth operators such as the ++ and the +=
  • Be introduced to where you can find out even more about JavaScript.


This is part of the online course Programming Fundamentals offered by Computer Careers at South Central College, North Mankato, MN USA 56003.