Check Your Writing Before You Send It ( in actionIn today’s online world you are very often judged on how well you write. In the pre-Web days of the 80’s we would always pass a letter or report around the office to at least three people, checking for typos, grammar, and spelling errors. (We also helped each other check for "attitude" in our writing.)

With you can do this quickly yourself. This free service checks for spelling, grammar, word choice, style, and vocabulary words. It will even give you a letter grade based on all these factors.

Unlike Word and other grammar/spelling checkers, seems to catch those subtle mistakes such as when to use "past" and when to use "passed".

(The only thing doesn’t do is check for ‘attitude’. You’ll have to do that on your own.)

The site also includes a Vocabulary Builder. This is a great tool to use in the morning to get a "word for the day" and then see how many times you can use it throughout the day. At the end of the day you can review the word and write it down in a journal to show yourself how many new words you are adding to your vocabulary.

The creators at the site plan to offer premium services in the near future and are always open to donations. (They should include a PayPal account on their home page!) They say in the FAQ that they will always offer the basic service for free.

I’m going to run this article through the PaperRater to see how I’ve done. I’ll take a screen shot so you can see the before "picture". (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Report on this article by PaperRater

 Wow, look at that! I spelled "grammar" two different ways! Oops. (Also my vocabulary was low.)

Make a good impression. Let the world know how professional you are. (And improve your writing skills at the same time!)

Use for all your business writing.