Resume Tips

It is the end of the semester and nearing graduation so I’m getting several resumes from students to critique.

Here is a checklist of things to include on your resume:

If you’ve done any volunteer work, definitely include that. It shows that you are a people person and that you know how to play well with others.

Employers are looking for the soft skills. Use words that emphasize that the following are part of your overall attitude and education:

  • Communication skills (Are you personable, can you explain things clearly, do you like express yourself in different ways such as writing, talking, sharing, turoring?)
  • Math skills (Making change as a bartender is an excellent example)
  • Knowing how to learn new things (Can you pick up new information on your own. What have you done that demonstrates this?)
  • Team building and Leadership (This is critical in today’s world.)
  • Global Awareness (Have you been to other countries? Do you communicate with people from other countries? If not, volunteer at a local education center where people are learning English As Another Language (ESL or ELL). In Mankato, MN this would be the Lincoln Center)

Use this information on your resume and update your eFolio. Include the URL to your eFolio at the bottom of the resume. This demonstrates that you know and understand today’s media and communications.

Don’t distribute your resume as a docx (unless the employer specifies this format). Instead have it available as well design XHTML page and a PDF. That way everyone can see it, not just the few that own the newest version of Microsoft Word.

Have you gotten any awards or recognition of any type? Put those in. They are very helpful in letting people know your values and what is important to you.

Do you have any web sites that you have developed or designed? List the URLs.

Take a look at the website. They have lots of other things on career and resume writing that you might find useful. Build your eFolio on the five topics (Career, Education, Financial, Leadership, Personal) to really wow anyone that is considering you for employment.

Finally, have several people read over your resume from an employer’s point of view. Heck, why not have possible employer read it over? Instead of asking for a job, ask someone in your network to critique your resume and ask for guidance. If they can’t hire you they will probably recommend someone that may be interested in the skills and traits you list on your resume.