6 Success Tips from a Student

I recently received a letter from Chad Peterson, one of my Information Systems students who will be graduating this spring. He graciously took the time to write, giving me feedback on some of the things he appreciated about my courses.

In addition, he also listed several things he has learned about becoming a successful student. With his permission, I thought I’d pass these on to you.

Chad’s Tips
To current and future students, as a student who has many ups and downs with these courses there are a few things that will help you out as you go through the [Computer Careers] program:

  • The first thing is to do the tutorials! From start to finish! It does seem like a lot of work at first, but I’m being honest in that it truly does not take a lot of time if you give yourself enough time.
  • Being organized is the number one key and Peter emphasizes that very appropriately.
  • Do the self-quizzes as well! The trick is to keep doing the self -quiz as you finish each section of the tutorials.
  • Coming to class with questions about the material is a huge advantage because otherwise I have personally found that I lose focus because I am not caught up, and when it comes time to ask questions, I either ask very dumb, out of place questions.
  • Asking a lot of questions and being involved in the class discussion is also another big way to stay focused and excited about what you are learning.

  • Another great piece of advice is to use the old- fashioned pencil and paper. Sketching/drawing/writing your ideas down before you start with the code will help you tremendously. It is much easier to write code and view it when you already have something to look at. This comes in very handy when starting out with a project.

Thanks for the kind words Chad and the excellent advice for other students.