Why not use GoDaddy?

I just received this email question from one of my students:

I am currently working on a website for one of my clients. She said that she took your web design class and mentioned that you use QualityHostOnline.com for your hosting and domain needs instead of GoDaddy. My question is why? Why meaning is there a reason or just a preference that you choose Quality Hosting. Please let me know.

Here is my response:
Originally GoDaddy limited what you could install on the server. When I first hosted with them I quickly found out I couldn’t install Drupal. I still remember how arrogant the help person was telling me that the agreement did not allow a refund but that he was going to refund some of my money anyway…

The Drupal limitation has since been fixed although recently there was a snafu with a GoDaddy client using Drupal and being charged over $6,000 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-fendelman/why-i-dont-owe-godaddy-65_b_129276.html) The only thing that helped resolve the problem was his article on Huntington and the furor it caused. All the bad press caught GoDaddy’s president’s attention and he stepped in to resolve the things and stop the bad press.

Their advertising is extremely sexist. Something I might enjoy looking at but not something I can recommend to students in class. Especially when one of my students started doing a web site for his church…

And, just recently, I tried to transfer my domain being held by GoDaddy to QualityHostOnline. It took me over two months to accomplish due to an unknown userid/password that was automatically setup without my input when I purchased a privacy option. Because my email on GoDaddy was no longer valid I had to fax, mail, and send scanned copies of my driver’s license and a specific numbered form to a branch of GoDaddy. They would also have accepted copies of my passport which makes me even more nervous. They made it EXTREMELY difficult to do the transfer. I had to send the request three different times and made numerous phone calls all to the answer of “I’m sorry, that is out of our control.”

Meanwhile, I’ve been with QualityHostOnline for almost five years now and have had excellent support, low cost, and overall good results on a consistent basis. They were very helpful and responsive during my domain name transfer. I’ve also recommended this hosting service to other instructors and many many clients and everyone is having the same positive experience.

So, there you have it.

Guess I’ll make this into a blog entry.


PS – You might want to do a web search for “GoDaddy ethics” It makes for some interesting reading.

Addendum: 09-15-09 I’ve been having a lot of downtime with QualityHostOnline.com and am migrating my servers over to BlueHost.com based on recommendations from several of my students. I can no longer recommend QualityHost as I have in the past.