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Specializing in:

  • Instructional design and course development
  • Interactive tutorials using Articulate Storyline
  • Web programming and WordPress

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I highly recommend him for course design, consulting or other work for your organization.

–Kyla Foltz, Director of Admissions Services, Casper College

Casper College

Kyla Foltz, Enrollment Services at Casper College

Peter’s remarkable facility with technology, instructional design, and developing interactive course materials was essential to our success.

— Burke Murphy, TA3 Team Lead


Burke Murphy

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Example of a Parson Problem

Parson Problems for Interactive Assessment

In his blog, Mark Guzdial highlights Parson’s Problems offer the same learning gains as writing or fixing code. Mark highlights how useful Parson’s Problems can be for interactive learning modules. Not Just Computer Science The article emphasizes how useful Parson Problems can be for computer science. Many other fields use this same type of learning instruction. … Continue reading Parson Problems for Interactive Assessment

Battleship: Waterfall Design vs. Agile

The classic game of Battleship has been repurposed to demonstrate the effectiveness of agile methods. Mark Suurmond has created a simulation, available on GitHub, that allows programmers and students to experience the difference between the waterfall design process and the agile process. When the simulation first displays it is set to 40 iterations.  The player … Continue reading Battleship: Waterfall Design vs. Agile

Experience Agile – The Ballpoint Game

It is one thing to read about the agile processes and quite another to experience them. This face-to-face activity quickly demonstrates how effective the iterative process can be. The Challenge: As a team, the group must “process” as many balls as possible following specific rules. The group has four opportunities with a ‘SCRUM’ meeting in … Continue reading Experience Agile – The Ballpoint Game

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