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What is Google's IP address?

You can use the Windows utility tracert to find out the IP address to specific web servers like Google. It will also show you the trace route, or all the servers that your request visits before it gets to the destination server.

Windows also has a great trace utility, tracert, that will give you the IP address of a web server.

Start up a command window using Start/Run and typing in the word "cmd" (without the quotation marks).

Then type in "tracert" (without the quotes) and the name of the web server you are interested in.

Tracert will display the trace route, which is a list of all the servers your request visits on its way to the destination server. Once it arrives it the program displays the IP address of the server name.

You can use this number in the Address (URL) field on any browser and the home page from that server will display.

The Internet uses these IP numbers to locate each server.

DNS Saves You From Remembering All Those Numbers.

However, its easier for us to remember names instead of numbers so a system has been established so all we have to do is type in a name. (In case you are interested, it is the DNS - Domain Name Server is what does this little bit of magic.)