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Peter Johnson has been teaching programming and web technologies at South Central College since 2000. He has a masters degree in Information Technology with a focus on web programming and a bachelors degree in Organizational Management.

Some of the courses he has developed and is currently teaching include:

  • Web For Business (HTML and CSS)
  • Programming Fundamentals (JavaScript)
  • Web Services (XML and Android app development)
  • VB.NET
  • Web Programming (PHP, SQL, and Drupal)
  • Java

Peter has been a company president, a professional photographer, a programmer, and is the founder of Web Explorations, LLC a company that specializes in course development. He brings a wide range of work, case studies, and business experience to all his courses.


Master of Science in Information Systems - Aspen University, 2007
Emphasis on web programming

Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude
Organizational Management & Communication - Concordia University, 2001


Concordia University, St. Paul - 2015 - present

Adjunct Faculty
Taught the following courses online:

Worked as a consultant with the department chair in refining the Computer Science program and enhancing course content.

South Central College - 2000-present

Instructor - Computer Careers
Developed and taught online and face-to-face curricula for the following courses:

CTL Leader (Center for Teaching and Learning) - 2002-2005
Acted as liaison between MnSCU (Minnesota Schools, Colleges, and Universities) and South Central faculty with professional development

Volunteered as Junior Achievement Instructor for three years teaching economic principles to 7th grade students.

Business and Management

Taylor Corporation - 1993-2000

Project Lead for INsight at Precision Press - Proprietary software designed to track production information and printing production rates. Technologies included VB6 and Crystal Reports, FoxPro, SQL with AS/400 midrange system, Access database
Internal computer consultant for Carlson Craft, NRP, and Precision Press.
Project Lead for ESocial - Software package used by Carlson Craft dealers allowing them to submit and orders over telephone lines (before the Web was popular)

SuperValu Stores, Inc. - 1992-1993

Help Desk and Trainer - Converted pharmacies in Cub grocery stores to a newer system.

Kavouras, Inc. - 1991-1992

Programmer writing software to translate radar information into weather graphics used by National Weather Service and TV stations. Wrote prototype software for the first NEXRAD radar station. Technologies included Z80 assembler language, C programming language, and embedded systems.

Kendrick Johnson & Associates, Inc - 1983-1991

President Successfully managed the company for six years and sold the company in 1991. Marketing Director Developed and implemented comprehensive marketing plans and business proposals.
Programmer Over a two-year period completely computerized all major operations within the company including receivables, payables, and inventory using DB2 programming language.

Projects & Awards

<SourceCode> - The Information Academy - 2016 Project manager. is a dynamic partnership between secondary and postsecondary education, business, and the community. SourceCode is designed to provide secondary students with coursework and work-based learning experiences focusing on IT.

USAID El Salvador Project - 2015 Part of a team development and teaching faculty in El Salvador, 21st Century Pedagogy including active learning, game theory, and project based learning.

SHARE - 2014-15 Instructional design and technical advisor for 7 module course training counselors working with couples dealing with dementia. The course is hosted on Moodle and uses Articulate Storyline.

Casper College – 2013 – Working on a team as their instructional designer, building on-line orientation and advising courses. Modules were hosted on Moodle and written using HTML and jQuery.

Life-Online - 2010 to Present - Working with Paul Wasko, acted as project lead in developing an Introduction to Online Learning framework.
-- Learning objects were coordinated from five colleges and universities. This was done as part of MnSCU and is an ongoing project available on the Minnesota Learning Commons under a Creative Commons license.
-- Using this framework, I created Life-Online@SCC, a five-week Fast TRAC course designed to help ABE (Adult Basic Education) students prepare for online classes as part of their educational goals.
-- Presented the Learning Framework at the ABE Conference in Bloomington, October 2011.

Discover Computer Careers - 2009-2010 - Working with Karen Wolters, developed and co-taught this five-week Fast TRAC course for people with the ABE program interested in entering the field of Information Technology. The course covered file management, hardware/software terms, using a Learning Management System such as Desire To Learn (D2L), and keyboarding skills.
-- Presented this course to the ABE Conference in St. Cloud, August 2010

Award of Excellence for the TechNow Summer Camp 2005-2008 - Designed and coordinated this week-long summer camp for high school students
Raised money from business and industry to cover costs. Tuition for students was minimal.

Award of Excellence for the German Exchange Program 2004-2005 - Working with Wolfgang Bornemann, set up a German Exchange program bringing 6-13 technical students from CSB (Carl Severing-Berufskolleg), Beilefeld, Germany to work as IT interns working with local business partners for one month. Each year I established host families, transportation, side tours, and internship positions for all the students.

Received the Excellence in Ongoing CTL Campus Leadership Award - 2005
Received the Service Award As Campus Leader for CTL - 2003