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Giving students the assessment details they need...
            ...quickly, consistently, from semester to semester.

The Situation

Teachers often face mountains of projects and papers to grade. Experienced teachers know that for any project there is a set of comments and suggestions that are repeated over and over.

As a teacher grades, the repetition becomes wearing. Writing similar comments over and over causes fatigue. The quality of comments normally slides from energetic at the beginning of a grading session into pure tedium resulting in inconsistent grading.

Each class, every semester, the same process is repeated.

Capture Those Repetitive Comments

BoldComment captures teacher comments for any objective in a project or paper. Think of it as an automated rubric. Each time a similar comment or suggestion is needed, the teacher simply checks a box and the comment is included.

BoldComment allows a teacher to write detailed comments once and reuse them every time the project is graded.

BoldComment Checklist showing a single objective
Click on the image for a close-up view

Objectives and supporting comments are listed in the BoldComment screen. There can be multiple comments for each objective and each comment (and it's point value) is fully editable. Comments can include links referring students to specific solutions and more detailed suggestions.

Point totals are automatically calculated based on which comments are selected.

Individual grading reports can be saved for each student and grading reports can be reused and expanded from semester to semester.




BoldComment was written by Peter K. Johnson as part of his Masters thesis. It is currently in beta stage and only available on an individual trial basis.