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Adding Images

It is very easy to add graphics to your postings and will make them much more interesting for your reader.

When you click on the add image icon an Add An Image window will display.

Add graphics icon at the top of the editing area.

This window allows you to upload images from your computer.

There are two upload programs. One uses Flash and the other uses the browser.

I've had the best experience with the browser uploader. However, if one doesn't work, click on the link that allows you to use the alternative uploader.

Browse the files on your computer.

Click on the Browser button and locate the graphic file on your computer.

The add image after uploading to WordPress

The Title is used by people that have vision disabilities. Describe the image as if you were describing the image to a person that is blind. Be succinct. (When blind people surf the Web their computer reads the text on the page. When it comes to an image the computer reads whatever is typed in this field.)

The Alignment tells WordPress how to align the photo with the text. Notice the small icon next to each option showing how the text will flow around the image.

Size will set the size of the image. Smaller is usually better. You want to highlight your text posting not overwhelm it.

Insert Into Post will insert the image in the posting where the cursor is positioned.

Here is what the image will look like in the editing window:

Editing window showing inserted image

Notice how the text automatically wraps around the image.