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Add A New Post

Once you click on the Add New link you will come to the editing page.

Here are the steps to follow for each post:

  1. Type in the header or title for the post. Make this as succinct as possible including as many keywords as you can. Don't be obscure or too general.
  2. Add the text. You can copy and paste text from emails or Microsoft Word.
    -- Break the text into paragraphs
    -- Use the B icon to make text bold for sub heads and emphasize.
    -- Use the List icons to create lists (like this one)
    -- Include graphics (note the graphic icon looks like a picture frame) The next page has more details on bringing icons into the site.
  3. Check the applicable categories. You can select more than one but try to be as accurate and as consistent as possible. Categories are like the contents of a book.
  4. List all the tags you can think of. This is like building the index to a book.
  5. Publish the posting by clicking on the "Publish" button.
  6. You can view the post immediately by clicking on the "View Site" link near the very top of the page.

    Tip: View in a new tab by right-mouse clicking on the link and choosing "View in New Tab" This will allow you to go back and forth between your editing window and the actual blog site to see your post.

    When viewing new changes on the blog site use CTRL R to Refresh the page so any new changes will display.