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Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows you to track all the new information being posted on web pages and in blogs quickly and easily.

From the main Gmail menu click on the "More..." link.

Do a Find (CTRL f) on the page for "Alert"

You can set up keywords, names of your organization, competitors, or the name of your blog.

You can try out a test phrase. For example, type in "mankato growth" for the Search Terms and click on the "Preview Results" link.

You can also click on the link "Click here to manage your alerts."

Here are the alerts I have set up.

Notice I set up an alert using my own name. This helps me keep tabs on what the Peter Johnson's are doing around the world. ;-)

The name of my website is WebExplorations. I normally receive an email notification from Google within hours after publishing a new article on my blog.

This tells me that Google is watching my accounts and is listing my information for the world in minutes. This is pretty amazing when you think of the billions of computers that are continually adding information to the Web.