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Sharing Documents - Special Features

Save as a Web Page (read-only for others)

You can also share the document as a community web page. Those viewing this web page cannot edit or add comments.

You can either include a link to the page or embed it in another document.

Side-bar Comments

Often times it helps to have a side-bar conversation going about the document.

  1. Select the text you want to comment on.
  2. Use Insert/Comment from the menu bar.
  3. Type in your comment and click on the "Comment" button.

Cross-Through Text

If you want to save ideas (and feelings) use the strike-through text.

Later these deletions can be removed during final document cleanup.

Revision History

Need to go back a few versions? Use File/Show revision history

Saving to Your Computer

If you need to save a copy to your computer (or convert any document to a PDF) use File/Download as...

A list of different file types will display.