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Collaborating with the Google Tools

You can easily share a document either as a "web page" or as an editable document.

Click on the "Share" box in the upper right corner. Type in (or copy/paste from your email program) a list of email addresses.

You can also click on the "Add message" link below the email list if you want to personalize the email being sent.

The sharing features are common with all the Google documents. So, you can collaborate with others building Spreadsheets, Drawings, Forms, and Presentations.

Often this email gets caught by the person's SPAM filters so you may want to send a separate email asking them to look there for the email.

Also, the person may use a different email for Google Docs. If so, they won't be able to get access. Their email will have a link that will come back to your gmail address asking for permission to access the document.

How can this be used?

Here are are two examples.